Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Led Conference Reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my SLC were that my Mum listen to me and understood what I was telling her and she understood. What went well for me was that when the bell rang I finished so I didn't have to finish off at home. The challenges I faced was speaking clearly to my teacher and to my mum and when I was preparing I had the challenge of getting focused and getting it all sorted on time and not sitting by my friends. Next time the changes I would make is to make sure I have sorted everything out before my conference instead of in my conference.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Merit Must do #5

I have been getting involved by playing with some of the junior kids when I have some time to, I would read them some books sometimes or I would play tag with them or they would go and play with their friends.

I showed community by playing with some of the Junior kids who didn't have someone to play with

I also showed Respect by respecting their culture because I had this one kid who couldn't speak English so I helped her find some friends and I let her hang out with me.

Merit Must do #4

I have been helping out around the school by picking up rubbish when I some lying on the ground I picking it up and put it in the bin and I am showing the Community value put your rubbish in the bin.

Merit Must do #3

I have been going to technology on Lincoln by bus and I have been showing the C.A.R.E Values on the bus and in Lincoln I have been showing Community on the bus by filling the seats sensibly and at Lincoln I have been showing the Respect value by using the appropriate language

Must do Merit #2

I have been being a good role model to the Kakano team by getting involved and the C.A.R.E Values I used is Respect because when I was being a role model I was watching out for everyone else who was playing around me.

Librarian duty can do merit #5

For librarian duty we were cleaning up the place because we felt like it and also we cleaned up the shelves a bit then issued renewed and issued out for people and I got a book for myself.

Librarian duty can do #4

For librarian duty today we were stacking books and also cleaning the shelves up Charlotte and I took 10 minutes to do all of it, we were also returning renewing and issuing books out for other people and cleaned up the library.

Peer mediation can do #5

For peer mediation on Monday, Emily and I went around the Junior Area for about 6 minutes, Then we went to the field where most of the problems were around someone taking the ball off them and saying it was their's first. So then it was just 7 minutes, So Emily and I decided it would be a good time to go and walk around the other classrooms and their wasn't any problems because most of them were doing passes and skipping and playing other games. So the bell rang and for some reason all the problems happened someone tripped someone else and it was Bizarre.

I showed the Community value by Walking around the place

Friday, 10 June 2016

I understand addition and subtraction of fractions, decimals and integers

Ii have finished all the strategy's and this is all of them strategy 1, strategy 2, strategy 3,  strategy 4, strategy 5, strategy 6 ,strategy 7, strategy 8, strategy 9, Relational and finally extended abstract and to show i have finished extended abstract here is my proof

Cross country Must do #1

Cross country was really hard we had to run 3 km it was so hard I had to stop and walk for a bit though I made it to then end and I finished 13th I think i can't remember I showed resilience by not giving up.

Librarian duty can do Merit #3

For librarian we were putting away the books and issuing and returning like the simple days we always have. I showed the community value by putting everything back where it's supposed to be in the library.