Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Identify Reflection, Rotation and Translation

1 .First you rotate the 7 180 degrees and color it in red. 2 .First rotate it 90 degrees clockwise then rotate it again three times.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Librarian - Excellence #4

Today for Librarian Charlotte and I did our librarian duty as we usually do on a Monday.

Unfortunately today we had lots of books away the whole shelf was fulled with books.It is not that hard but usually on a Monday we have lots and lots of people so it is hard to put books away and be at the library desk at the same time although we resolved by taking turns between putting books away and serving at the  desk which was a lot easier and got the books away quicker.

After we had finished putting the books away we started to  renew  and return our own and then put the remaining books that people had returned after we had put the ones that were at the started at first then we just finished some other renewing and returns, ten past we closed the library and we had some time left but as it was really cold outside we stayed inside since we were allowed to first I just read a little bit of my book while waiting to play mancala against Charlotte  I read the book Chinese Cinderella  and a little bit of  little women as classics are one of my favorite books to read.
After I just played a quick game of Mancala and won and by then the bell had gone so we went to class the end.

CARE VALUE I SHOWED:Active thinking/excellence because I used my time wisely by getting out my own books and renewing and returning them and just doing my best.

Peer Mediation - Excellence - Can do #5

On Friday I did peer mediation. I was supposed to do it on Wednesday but the year 7/8s were doing koru games and so I couldn't, so I did it on Friday. I did it with Sophie because she was supposed to do it on Thursday and we both wanted to blog about it so we did peer mediation on a different day together. We went around the whole school and we had no problems but we still helped some little kids who didn't have anyone to play with. I showed leadership by doing peer mediation on a different day to help out. I showed community by helping the kids that didn't have anyone to play with. I was being a role model to the other students by doing my leadership role properly.

Librarian - Excellence #3

 On Thursday I had Librarian with Charlotte, when we got there we started off by going and getting the books off the trolley and back on the shelves.
The first type of books we started with were the picture books with just have one letter of the alphabet on the side, the shelves have the same so they match up.
Next we did the chapter books which have three letters on the side and the shelves have one letter but you put it in alphabetical order.
Secondly we started returning books by Charlotte was on the computer and I was scanning.
Next we issued books out for people by Charlotte typing in there name so that once I scan it the book will be out under there name.
Then we went around telling people that we were closing the library.
After that we went around tidying up the cushions, chairs and books.

I showed active thinking by helping others find books.

I was also being resilient by not walking out on Charlotte when it got to busy.

Friday, 16 September 2016

My Koru games 2016 Experience

The activity I did was Netball
The two highlights of the Koru games was..
1. Being able to be GS instead of always being WA
2. Being able to share the experience with my friends

I am proud of coming 6th out of 32 teams

Next year the tip I give the year's next year is to always bring your drink bottle and put sunscreen on because I got quite burn't.

Friday, 9 September 2016

My CARE Progress so far

CARE: My progress so far

The CARE award that I am working towards is: Bronze.

The one area of CARE that I am doing best in is:  Community because: I help around the school when help is needed.

The one area of CARE that I need to work harder in is: Active thinking  because: I haven't done so well with ticks because I just have a few.

To show my leadership qualities I am a role model to others in the CARE values by doing/showing these leadership traits: Integrity, Trustworthy, Motivational, Resilient, Active thinker and Goal focused.

On the CARE SOLO matrix below I am at this SOLO level: Multistructural             because: I have been using the CARE values but sometime's I needed to be reminded.





Extended Abstract
I am not aware of the CARE values yet.
I know what the CARE values mean.

I need help to use them.
I can use the CARE values.

I need reminding to use them.
I can use the CARE values independently.
I can use the CARE values independently.

I can role model to others how to use the CARE values.

Friday, 2 September 2016

I can apply my knowledge of adverbial clauses and connectives to see how ideas are linked in texts.

For reading I have been learning about adverbial clauses. I have found this learning Easy because I new a lot about this subject

In this activity LINK, I had to Find a video and write what a good Adverbial clause is.

My information report

The water cycle is a process that between land, Sea and atmosphere the steps in the water cycle are, Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Runoff.

Evaporation is when the water is Evaporated into a gas. It is a process that is invisible so you can’t see it, On hotter days more water is evapt because the sun is so hot that it heats up a lot of the water then turns into a gas and travels into the atmosphere. Vapour in the air is called humidity

Condensation and precipitation
Condensation and precipitation is after the water is evaporated and then makes clouds by mixing dust and water vapour. The water vapour comes down in different form (e.g rain, sleet, hail etc…), The water or other forms are them dumped on land.

Runoff and Groundwater
Runoff is when the water gets to a river, lake, pond Etc…, Groundwater is when the water gets dumped onto the land it is then sucked into the ground which then finds it way to a river, lake or pond.

The Water Cycle is constantly happening all around us each and every day and is an important part of our lives.  It is important so that we get water from the clouds , to water our plants with the falling rain, and for fish to swim and pee in.  

Assembly Must do #3 - Excellence

Today I had assembly and I was sharing my learning in it! I shared about my action plan witch is a writing plan where you pick a goal e.g mine was peer mediation, then you choose 3 things you could work on e.g mine were 1. Turning up on time, 2. Going around the school not in one place, 3. Read the card that has the script on it, then you say how you can achieve each one and what time you would do it. I showed active thinking for being chosen by the teacher for this because he thought I hare a great action plan, I showed leadership by showing a good example of sharing to the school.

Peer mediation #4 - Excellence

Today I did peer mediation and normally I would do it with Grace but we changed  so my partner is now Emily! Firstly we walked to to the office to get a few pozis to hand out, secondly we walked around the field and lastly we went around the junior area and the courts. I showed leadership because I stepped up and because my group was away I asked Sophie to do it.

 I showed excellence because when we found a physical argument so we went to a teacher because peer mediators are NOT allowed to deal with physical arguments

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Excellence Must do #2

This week has gone fast!!!!!! But I'm going to talk about Monday so that way this isn't too long

On Monday, we had an assembly, where I walked in and out, not talking to anyone and being respectful throughout the assembly. I got a special assembly card, and if you get a card like it, it means that you can out a CARE tick on one of the assembly expectations. Yay!!

I think the care value I showed was Exellence, because I was being a model student in assembly and made something half-decent in tech. I also think I showed leadership by doing the right things at the right times this week, and working with people I usually would not work with

Peer Mediation #3 - Excellence

On Monday at morning tea I had Peer Mediation with Emily. We put our vests on, got our lanyards, but we couldn't find the iPad, so that was kind of annoying. The field was shut that day, so it meant that we had to add an extra little trip on our duty, down behind the library, and the block of classes from 8 to 11, as this is where the year 7 and 8's go when the field is shut. There were thankfully no problems in the year 7/8 area, so that was good and it seemed like everyone was getting involved with four square or netball or something like that!We then went around the courts, and everything  was fine there, then we also floated over to the Kakano area. We walked around there for about 5 minutes, with one child coming to us with a problem, which was he didn't have anyone to play with, so we set him up with some people in the sandpit.

I think the CARE value I was showed was Respect, because I respected that I took up this role by showing up, and respecting the little kids problem and helping them find a solution.

Getting Involved Excellence #2 - Must do

On Wednesday  I got involved at morning tea by playing dog box with my friends. 
Firstly, we got   into a line behind the line. Secondly we went in the order where everyone shot.
Next when you  missed you had to go into the dog box and if the next person got it in the you are out.
After that we keep going until the bell was about to ring. 
Before it did we played a game of king which is netball basically but it is the first person to get it in wins. 
Then we keep playing until the bell rang.

I showed  community by letting people  join in our game when they ask us if they could.

I also was showing integrity by playing fairly and being honest.

Peer Mediation #2 - Excellence

On Monday I did peer mediation and we solved a problem but we couldn't record it on the I Pad because its broken, and it is getting fixed and should be back soon. I showed leadership by asking my group to do it/reminding them because they might forget.

 I showed excellence for showing up on time and doing it all the way through my time.
I also showed the Community Value by Helping people when they really needed it.

Librarian Can do #2 - Excellence

On Monday at lunchtime, I had my librarian duty on. When I first walked in the library, I saw a lot of books needed to be put away. So that's what I did, in fact every time, we start the duty by placing books back onto the shelves. After all that was done, it was time for issuing and returning. Quite a few people wanted books out. I helped them issue it. I also went to the back if there was any problems but nope, no problems. The library was pretty quiet. Okay, now it's time to pack up. At 1:20 we pack up the library and let the people go. My duty was pretty easy.

I showed community by helping others issue their books and cleaning some parts of the library. I placed a lot of cushions back to where they belong and helping others pack at the end of library time.

Technology Must do - Excellence #1

On Tuesday all of the year 7/8's go to Lincoln to do technology. 
I'm in design and when I go there filled out a sheet that says what we wanted to get done that day.
Secondly I filled out two sheets of what I am going to make because I had finished my cushion last week so I made a badge.
Next I softened my fimo so it would be easier to work with.
Then I found some wood samples and made two crosses and stuck them together.
After that we stuck and ribbion in the middle.

I showed excellence by helping others with what they were making.

I also was being trustworthy by not wasting the time

Peer mediation Can do #1 - Excellence

Today I had Peer Mediation. Right after the bell rung at 11:00 for morning tea I grabbed, a green vest, and a lanyard. Today the iPad wasn't at school because it was sent for repairs so we just did without the iPad and used a clipboard and pen. First we went to the Junior area of the school. We didn't have any problems there so we headed off to the field. Same with the Junior area there weren't any problems which was good. We just noticed a few small things happening which wasn't right so we just reminded them the right thing to do.

Overall I think I showed the active thinking when we found an alternative option for noting down problems instead of the iPad.
Also I think I got involved by doing my job instead of just sitting round with my friends doing nothing
And lastly I think I showed leadership by reminding kids to do the right thing and what is expected.

Librarian Can do #1 - Excellence

On Monday, all the librarians gathered up in the library to talk about a new website. It is a library website that we were going to use to teach other students how to use it. Mrs Ward talked us through it and taught us how to use it. She showed us around the website and some cool things we can do on it. Some things I learnt were how to reserve a book on the website and how to search for any book you want. You can also check what books you've got out on a list on the website. We got to play around with it to get us use to it since we're going to teach other classes how to use the website.
After the meeting, we still had time to do a little bit of the librarian job before the bell rang. I helped put some books back and sort out the shelves.

I showed Active Thinking by helping keep the library tidy and using my inishitive to pick up any dirty bits on the floor in the library. I picked up books, cushions, rubbish and fixed some shelves.

I showed leadership by showing I can do this and not mucking round the library when mrs ward was showing us the website. I was listening well so I know what to do when I have to teach the other classes about this website.

I have been a role model by sitting quietly and on the mat and not interrupting what mrs ward was saying. I showed others how to be respectful and listening to the instructions