Friday, 18 November 2016

Excellence - Peer Mediation - Can do - #7

Yesterday at morning tea, I did my Peer Mediation duties with Emily. It was raining a little bit, so when we put our vests on, we kept our jackets on underneath which we don't usually do, but it was really cold!

The field was shut so we didn't have as much ground to cover, but we still went around all the parts of the school that was open, including the Kakano team's part of the school, but they all stayed inside so there were no problems there at all!
It looked like almost everyone in the school stayed inside beside our class and one of the others! So there were no problems at all which was awesome!

I think that the CARE value I showed most was Active Thinking, because for once I remembered to wear the lanyard, and I think I showed leadership by making sure to do my duty, and on such a cold day when I would much rather be doing something else.

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