Friday, 18 November 2016

Excellence - Peer Mediation - Can do - #9

Yesterday Emily and I had Peer Mediation, aka on Monday at morning tea. We got our vests and lanyards, but we couldn't find the iPad and the pozis had gone walk - about's too. We figured the field was shut (which it was) so we didn't take as long as we usually did, so that was good, but we still had to go around the kakano area.
The kakano area was rather loud that day, but we didn't get any problems, which was great!! Then, we had to go around to the back of rooms library, 9, 10 and 11, as that is where the Year 7 and 8's are allowed to go when the field is shut. There were no problems there either.

I think that the CARE Value I used was Community, because I showed up to my job and therefore helping the community by being out there in case anyone has a problem, and I think I showed leadership by doing my duty properly and following the mediation process.

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