Friday, 18 November 2016

Excellence - Peer Mediation - Can do - #10

On Monday Emily and I had Peer Mediation at morning tea. We out on our vests, but I forgot to put on a lanyard, which was rather silly of me, and that's one of my goals on my action plan. Oops!!! But anyway, we went around the playgrounds, then the field, and we had a teensy tiny problem in the kakano area, but it was so little it wasn't actually worth our time to record it, as the problem was that a child couldn't do up their shoelace, so we did it up and went on with our duty. That's pretty much all of the things that happened, but then when we went to put away the iPad, etc., the door was locked to the classroom!!! Oh dear!!!

I think that the care value I showed was Respect, because it was a little bit hard not to have a wee giggle at the kid who needed his shoe tied up, so we respected his problem by not laughing at him, and I showed leadership by showing up to my job

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